About Us

It takes a village to craft a bag.
That is the principle that Gracia bag has and will always uphold since our conception in 2016. We believe that the hands of Yogyakarta’s women artisans are able to produce fine art, with a quality that could compete in the international market.
Gracia Bag products were made in originally handmade process. Most of the process were develop in small home industries and micro small enterprises. We provide women of Yogyakarta a chance to get involved in a community by giving them a place to contribute economically for their families and for themselves as an individual.

Each product of Gracia Bag is made with care and Love. We use the best raw materials from lands of Indonesia, with extra attention on environmental friendliness. Our process is highly controlled to prevent any pollution and excessive waste to damage the environment.
Gracia Bag wholeheartedly believes that woman are powerful, and we will continue to empower woman by being a ‘village’ for these artisans to develop their skills to make beautiful products together to share with the rest of the world.
We hope that these genuine products made from passion would be able to be enjoyed by the people of the world.